Testimonials – Why I Row

“Something happens inside when you’re in a boat alone on the water in the sun or rain with miles left to go. Your mind focused only on the water and your movements, it cleansing”. – Dar

Because my knees are shot and rowing keeps me moving.
Because I hate the traffic to and from the mountains and the lake is just up the road.
It’s a nice way to wake up in the morning. It involves strength, finesse and meditation. It can be a team sport as well as individual” – Anonymous

I row for the health of it. I row for the beauty I see around us. I row for the friends who row with me.” – Robin

I row because it challenges me. It also gives me time during the week when my brain concentrates on
the task at hand and isn’t wandering, which is especially helpful these days. Rowing requires focus and overcoming some fear for me, and even on those freezing, raining mornings – the challenge calls to me.” – Jessica

I row for the camaraderie and community experience of the team. I row for the amazing exercise it provides and the beauty of being out on the lake in the early morning hours. I row because its fun and I am always happier afterwards.” – Devon

I row because I get to connect with like minded, adventurous and fun people!” – Anonymous

I row because I get to experience many sunrises and I am on the water during the changes of season.” – Anonymous

I row because I leave my worries at the dock and challenge myself to become one with the boat!” -Katherine

I like a reason to get up early and work out with other adventurous people on the water.” – Ben

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