Member Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities:

Masters are asked to volunteer 25 hours during the calendar year as part of club membership.

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Juniors are asked to volunteer 10 hours per season for Spring and Fall seasons.

What can a rower do to volunteer? 

  • Davies Beach upkeep
  • Adopt a Park and Snohomish Conservation District, participation in our Lake Stevens Stewardship activities
  • Launch driver
  • Junior Regatta Assistance
  • Boat washing and general maintenance
  • Help with Learn to Row, Try Rowing, and Team Building Events
  • Volunteer at NCC Booth for various events
  • Assist with Juniors practices and events
  • Marketing projects or social media
  • Fundraising

Who do I contact about Volunteering?

Please speak with your coach or contact us through the NCC email.

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