Recreational and Experienced Groups

“You don’t just row at NCC, you are a part of something great. The folks there send me home feeling good about myself. Their positive encouragement makes me challenge myself to push harder and fine tune my technique to be a better team member. Every time my oar hits the water I feel grateful just to be in the boat with such a fascinating group.”  NCC Masters Rower


Recreational Group

NCC recreational rowing members develop rowing skills and technique while receiving a great workout in a relaxed environment. Members of the Recreational Group are invited to attend two to four coached sessions a week. Available practice times are:

Tuesday: 7-8:30 am

Wednesday: 6:00- 7:30 pm

Thursday: 7-8:30 am

Fridays: 7-8:30 am

Saturday: 7-8:30 am

Sunday: 7-8:30 am

Competitive Group

Coaching and practices for the Competitive Group are more rigorous workouts with emphasis on fitness, technique and race preparation. It is not required to participate in regattas to be in the Experienced Group. Rowers interested in participating in the Experienced Rowing Program will undergo a skill assessment conducted by our experienced coaching staff. Members of the Experienced Group are invited to attend two to four coached sessions a week.

Available practice times are:

Saturday: 6:30-8:30 am

Sunday: 6:30-8:30 am

*Due to seasonal weather conditions and safety regulations- practice times may be changed as needed.

NCC also offers an open row session for experienced and recreational rowers. Please note this is not a coached session.

The NCC Masters Program offers flexibility for members to move from Recreational to Experienced Groups as they wish.

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