Juniors Membership & Fees

Are you a guy or gal in Snohomish County age 12-18 with no prior rowing experience? You’re in the right place. 

North Cascades Crew Junior program has 5 sessions/year: Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Fall and Winter (indoors/gym) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Land training is incorporated into the Fall and Spring training schedule.

Message us on Facebook to sign up for a Try Rowing Free Day. 

Registration fees

Junior Crew is paid per session on our Registration page. There is no annual fee for Juniors. Your team t-shirt is included in the session registration fee in addition to the option to participate in a full crew scrimmage.

Juniors may row recreationally or choose to train for local and regional regattas. Additional rowing days and regattas are an added cost beyond the standard session registration fee. All Juniors are required to sign and uphold the NCC Code of Conduct.

US Rowing Membership

Juniors who participate in fall and/or spring sessions, must have an active US Rowing Championship Level Membership ($45) before their first day. Simply register here: http://www.usrowing.org/membership/ and email your member number to the Junior chairperson. 

Float Test

Junior rowers must complete a float test and return the form, signed by a certified lifeguard, prior to taking a seat in boat. If not completed/passed it is your responsibility to provide a proper fitting life vest for your rower to wear while they are on the dock and in a boat. You will receive the float test form by email, with the full enrollment packet, once your registration payment is received. 

Volunteer Hour Requirement

North Cascades Crew is a community based organization and our Juniors program relies on its many volunteers.

NCC requires 10 hours of volunteer time, per session, for Juniors enrolled in spring and fall sessions. Winter gym training and the summer sessions do not have a volunteer requirement. Land Safety Parents are appreciated during all rowing practices. 

Feel welcome to join us for additional parent volunteer opportunities such as driving a boat, sprucing up the local park, photography, fundraising ideas or events – and more! 

Volunteer time not completed will be invoiced after the deadline at $6.50/hr for a for spring and fall respectively. Reporting volunteer time is super easy and completed online. 


Let’s review the basic info so your parents don’t have to –

Step 1: Register online

Step 2: You’ll need a US Rowing Membership

Step 3: Do your float test

Step 4: Note the volunteer commitment

Step 5: Have fun. All the fun.

Give us a ring at 1.888.ROW.NCC1 or send a note to northcascadescrewrow@gmail.com if a question comes up. We’re here and happy to help!