About Us

North Cascades Crew is a 501(c)3 nonprofit rowing organization in Lake Stevens established in 2008.


We are a small membership organization that spreads a philosophy of health and wellness through the sport of rowing. At the core of our work, we are a club that promotes health and wellness for the body, mind and environment.  We seek to educate and instruct community members about leadership, collaboration, cooperation and teamwork through rowing.  NCC whole heartedly believes that creating a comfortable, accessible space for activity on and off the water leads to greater connection with ourselves, community and the larger world. We believe that there are overwhelming physical, emotional, and psychological advantages to the sport of rowing and the sense of community that NCC strives to provide.

What is unique about NCC is that we also believe that by improving our own lives, we improve the community and environment we live in. Rowing is a sport that thrives when we have clean water and clean air. NCC seeks to promotes activities to conserve and sustain the environment while also promoting educational opportunities learning about environmentally friendly practices in and around Lake Stevens to keep our community clean.


  • Educate the community about health, and cooperative leadership skills through the sport of rowing without preference to race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender or age
  • Provide equipment and instruction for participants to engage in the value of activity on the water
  • Provide opportunities for community and charitable involvement in Lake Stevens and Snohomish County

Ready to join us? Email us at northcascadescrewrow@gmail.com or like us on Facebook